January 7th, 2008



Not resolutions, but general intentions for the coming year.

I'm going to lose 10 lbs a month until my birthday. That's only 30 lbs and 10 lbs a month is certainly sustainable.

I'm going to pay off all my credit card debt this year.

That's it, nothing more ambitious than that.

Edit: And I suppose I should record my current weight here as a point of reference. I've managed to slide all the way back up to 268.
Safety Dance

OK, this is funny

Scientific American had a summary of Gates' last keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show. There was some stuff about him pretending to ask many famous people for jobs and others have reported it was funny. Maybe it was. This, however, seems very funny:

To end, Bach [Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division] challenged Gates to a Guitar Hero-duel, only to bring out Kelly Law-One, a certified expert at the video game, who rattled off a perfect interpretation of Guns 'n Roses' hit "Welcome to the Jungle." But, never to be outdone, Gates had a ringer of his own, as Slash, the original guitarist of Guns 'n Roses materialized on stage to play the riffs he himself had written.

I wonder who won...
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