April 14th, 2008

Eating Tiger


I'm still on schedule: 262 this morning. I'll be posting the graph again starting later today. If anyone else wants to be on the graph, just send me your weight by Noon on Monday and you'll be on there. If you miss, I won't remove you from the chart, your number just won't be on that week's chart. If you send it later, it'll be on the next chart posted. If you miss a week or three entirely, it'll be extrapolated the next time you do send a weight in.
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Unpacking Update

I've managed to go through just about all the boxes I recently brought back from the storage facility. 90%+ of it went to 1 of 3 places: urnesha, Goodwill or recycling. I got rid of over a box of paper that was receipts and documents from before 2000. I donated a bunch of clothing and a cooler to Goodwill. I'm going to scan about half of the papers I kept from the boxes and then recycle those as well. I'll probably grab some more boxes from storage soon.
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