April 22nd, 2008


Moving Pictures, with sound!

There are currently movies in the theater that I would like to see. Either tomorrow night or Thursday night emilytheslayer and I are going to go to see Leatherheads. If anyone would like to join us, leave a comment here letting us know. Of course, some of you may be asking "Why would you want to see that?" There are several reasons:
  1. George Clooney is funny, the closest thing we have to Cary Grant in this day and age.
  2. I like football and this is about the early days
  3. I'm a Packers fan and this movie is based on the Packers and one of the early players on the Packers: Johnny "Blood" McNally. He played for the Packers in the 20s and 30s.
  4. It looked funny

Next week, we'd like to see that movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The Forbidden Kingdom. If you'd like to join us to see that, also please let us know. For either movie, let us know the night you'd prefer to go. If you have to ask why I'd want to see this movie, you're apparently at the wrong LJ account and should go read someone else.

Huh... Jackie Chan is also doing voice work for Kung Fu Panda. No idea how that will be, but I have a feeling the Little General will have it on DvD before too long.
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Yes, I know, I'm posting a lot today.

I'm quite amused by something I found on Yahoo this morning and it reminds me of something that happened on the way home yesterday too.

There's an article on the main Yahoo page titled "10 hot home-office jobs". I figured I'd take a look to see what kind of jobs they said could be done at home. #2 is Computer Systems Analyst. That's what I do! It is a good thing I wasn't drinking anything at the time or my monitor would be wet right now. It makes me wonder if all such Yahoo articles are similarly wrong. The writer probably just looks things up on other websites or thinks "I heard someone say that that job could be done at home" and writes it up. Sure, I could do my job at home, but most companies still want you to come in. Managers figure if you're not right there it'll look like they have nothing to do (they don't) and they'll be fired. Some jobs will let you work at home occasionally, but as a regular thing? No.

As I was walking to North Station yesterday, I was about a block away, waiting to cross a street when a guy next to me started talking to me. He said "That's a good company" and nodded up at a banner hanging from the building across the street. I don't remember what company, but they had a website on the sign. He continued "They're hiring! You can get a good sales job with them." He must have worked for them, maybe as a recruiter, but who says things like this to complete strangers on the street? I was wearing business clothes and my leather jacket. Did I look like I needed a job?

I replied "I don't do sales." The guy chortles (yes he actually chortled, I don't know that I've frequently heard such obvious chortling) and says "We're all salesmen, right?" The walk signal changed at that point and as I started across the street I said "No. I'm a systems analyst. I don't sell anything." He didn't try to talk to me after that, though he was behind me for the rest of the block. (I was only around a block from North Station when this all happened.)

There was a guy on the other side of me during this whole thing and when I said "Systems Analyst" he whipped his head around to gawk at me as though he'd either never heard of such a thing or he couldn't believe that's what I did.

An odd incident indeed.
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Ron Paul is running radio ads against McCain in PA!

New election prediction for head58 and editswlonghair:
McCain drops dead from being 134 in June. Ron Paul only one left in race: takes nomination!
Loses in November to Obama after taking 12% of the vote nationwide. Wins 1 electoral vote in Maine.


Here are some items I expect will interest me and few others. I'm posting them anyway, so there!

Quarter Electrons may make quantum computing more easily achievable. I like that you can swap the fractional-charged electrons around once they've associated and they'll never get so entangled that they can't trace back through their previous routes. However, I do wonder if the initial entanglement precludes detachment and re-entanglement with another group.

Wake them up before you go , go and kill them. Apparently if you feed bacteria enough to bring them out of hibernation and then immediately apply anti-biotics, you can achieve much better eradication rates. Punch 'em while they're groggy, I say!
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