March 12th, 2009

Angry Tiger

What a piece of crap Newsweek is

Someone left a copy of Newsweek in the men's room, so I leafed through it. 2 things immediately jumped out.

1) There's an article entitled "Why Doctors Hate Science", which is stupid on its face. The article itself was a tortured screed about a particular government program and didn't really have anything to do with doctors hating science. Why name it that? Probably to appeal to anti-science right-wingers. Doctors don't hate science, it is the basis of everything they do. It is like writing a story called "Authors hate words" and then going on to describe a problem in the publishing world.

2) There's an editorial by Grand Ignoramus George Will at the back of the magazine. He displays astounding ignorance about the economy, or he's just lying. I'm thinking it is likely the latter because in the same article he attempts to push that Right-Wing lie that FDR prolonged the depression.

Don't bother buying Newsweek, it isn't worth the effort.