April 7th, 2009

Eating Tiger

Great present

Last night the wonderful aliwings took me to a class for my birthday. In this class we learned how to make perogies! The class itself was lots of fun and I got to use my recently honed skills of rolling dough. : -)

In addition to learning how to make the cheese, onion and potato perogies, we got recipes for a variety of perogies and the address of a website for Polish recipes. Yummy food will be coming soon!

Thanks again for a great birthday present. I'm glad we got to do it together.

New site

I want to create a new website like Twitter, but really boil it down to its essence. It will allow micro-micro-posts. Maximum length (and minimum) of 1 letter. Who wouldn't tune in all day long to see if you say "Y" or "C"? Saves time for the poster and the reader and allows for all kinds of interpretation without having the banality of most Twitter posts.

MN Senate Race

Franken lead Coleman by 225 votes.
Coleman (after stating when he was ahead that Franken should just drop out) has complained and whinged and brought the vote to court. He complained and won the admission of 351 more absentee ballots into the count. He thought those would help him and they have now been counted and added into the vote totals.
Franken leads Coleman by 312 votes.
If Coleman keeps pushing Franken will eventually have a landslide victory.
Coleman should drop out now.