August 14th, 2011



Neat exercycle

When I'm on the elliptical at the gym I frequently end up watching ESPN and they show the commercial for that exercise bike quite frequently. It is a very nerdy bike in the way the Prius is a very nerdy car. There's a ton of technology in the bike and I thought it'd make it cost far more than the $1400 that it does.

All the tech is used to try and make you feel like you're having an experience riding the bike outdoors. It has a 20% incline and a 20% decline, it monitors how your body weight is distributed to determine your posture and simulate what your wind resistance would be. The coolest thing though is that it links to Google maps and you can pick any route in the world and the bike tries to simulate the hills and turns on that route. I'm not sure it does much with the turns, but the hills part is pretty cool.

I'm looking forward to the next version of the bike with heatlamps to simulate getting a sunburn, water sprayers to simulate getting caught in the rain, super AC and a snow maker for cold locations and having the bike occasionally throw you sideways off the bike to simulate traffic.