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Some time ago, Copper (my cat) had a medical problem that required surgery. She's fine now, but the vet told me she can no longer eat people food and can only have special dietary cat food. She's usually fairly good about it (Copper, not the vet), but the other day I made the mistake of having a Quiznos hot turkey sub in the house. Copper went nuts yowling for turkey, batting at my hands, not leaving me alone until I put the plate in the dishwasher.
I think this awakened a desire for turkey in her so strong she's projecting her desires into my dreams.
I had a dream the other night where we had leftover turkey in the house. I was discussing with inochinoakari what the best way to store the leftovers would be. We had a Spam-like can that the turkey (fresh, not canned) had somehow come out of, another can that had a tupperware sleeve and some tupperware. So far, just a normal dream. Here's where Copper invaded my brain.
As I'm standing there holding the can, I notice that there's fat, grease and turkey bits clinging to the inside of the can, including a big, yellowy gob of it in the bottom corner. So I reach in to the can with my index finger, scoop up as much of it as I can and eat it, making yummy noises and sucking on my finger. I woke up and was immediately disgusted, I blame the cat.
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