Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)


I've been playing my first, and very likely only, On-Line Role-Playing Game: City of Heroes. In this game, you get to be a superhero and as you gain experience and levels, you get to improve the powers you have and gain new ones. You can have sidekicks, you can design your appearance with amazing detail, the graphics are fantastic, and you can fight crime!! This is possibly the most fun I've ever had on a computer. I'm level 12 right now and cannot wait for level 14. At level 14, you can gain the ability to fly! I can hover right now, but it is quite slow. My excitement will likely fade over time as it does with all computer games, but right now I'm quite happy with it.
In the game, once you reach level 10, you can create a named SuperHero Group with a set of costume colors and a symbol for the group. You can change to and from those colors and symbol and your original ones. I've created such a group: The Just Us League. I was even able to put in our battle-cry of "Don't Worry, It's Just Us!" Anytime I hit F10, My character gestures and says it. So pleasing...

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