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The weekend, that wonderful period between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. This was a good such period. I got home from work Friday at around 2, showered and Amanda and I packed the car. The fun part of packing the car was preparing Chris and Ali’s bookshelf for transport. First we wrapped it in plastic tarp, then we duct-taped the tarp closed. After I shoved it onto the roof racks (it was about 1 foot too large to fit inside without resting on Amanda’s head) I strapped it down with canvass straps and twine while Amanda distracted the neighbor’s overly-affectionate cat Target with some of the extra twine.

The rest of this story, as it is long, even for me, will be in a "cut"

While we were finishing our preparations, which took until 4, the maintenance guy showed up to ask if we liked how he’d fixed our door lock. I replied that he hadn’t fixed it and demonstrated that I couldn’t turn my key in the lock. He then demonstrated that the master key worked just fine. Strangely, Amanda’s key and mine had stopped working, but the lock wasn’t broken as the master still worked. Since our keys didn’t work, he spent 5 minutes and changed our lock. It took him less time to change the lock than it took me to secure the bookshelf to the roof of my car.

During the drive to MA, as it continually threatened to rain, but did not do so, we kept an eye on the bookshelf through the sunroof. The thing didn’t budge an inch. I was surprised the twine held it so well. There were a few stretches of traffic which required severe braking or acceleration and still, it didn’t move. This left Amanda and I free to instead sing along with the radio and wonder who sang Don’t Ride the White Horse. A mystery we still have not solved despite Chris(head58) and Ali’s assistance.

We enjoyed a pleasant pizza dinner at Chris and Ali’s followed by sitting about and sleep; a fine evening indeed. The following morning brought Julian in all his glory. He was a little shy at first, but happily he warmed up to me before long, bringing me a book to read to him and playing with his toys with me. He seems to like the Bobcat stuffed animal that Amanda and I brought back from Arizona for him. We got it at the Desert Museum outside Tucson and I was happy to finally give it to him.

Ali took Julian to Chris’ parents before too long and exchanged Julian for Anna and Drew(cell23), an equitable if odd exchange I think. Chris, Amanda and I had breakfast at the local breakfast-y place and afterwards, prepared for the game. The game was quite enjoyable, but I shall reserve the majority of my comments about it for replies to Chris’ postings about it.

After the game and lunch of more pizza (we went through 6 pizzas this weekend), most of the gamers dispersed, leaving Chris, Ali, Drew, Anna, Amanda and I to play some games for the evening. Drew and Chris attempted to kill as many Gungans as possible while the rest of us played word games. It was nice to get to meet Anna while she was not barely and only nominally awake.

Speaking of which, Amanda just said, while looking at the wonderful box of Lemon Bar Mix that Ali gave us “We need to get some lemons, no, onions, wait, round things… eggs!” Just thought you should know.

Anna is not only far superior to Val in every was I was able to discern in the brief time I had with her, she appears to be a delightful human being in her own right. The one drawback is that I ended up playing games with Ali, Amanda and Anna, making the score sheet headers read: A A A S. Quite confusing. Ooh! If we use the second letter of their names and the first of mine, we get: L M N S. Lemons!

Sunday Ali flew to California to be professional. Chris, Drew and Anna drove to Chris’ (and Drew’s) parent’s house to retrieve Julian, drop off the fine young couple and to have a party for their mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ms. Tatro! Truly a fine woman with immeasurable patience.

Amanda and I made our way though a torrential downpour that may or may not have been the by-product of a quickly passing hurricane to Mount Holyoke to visit the Trinity of Loons: Bunny, Jen and Kate (presented in alphabetical order). We got to give them the presents we got for them from the southwest: a Jack Rabbit for Bunny, a Red-Tailed Hawk for Jen and a Wolf cub for Kate. We then had an enjoyable lunch at Fitzwilly’s in Northampton before dropping them back at school. It was wonderful to see them again. I miss them all quite a bit in-between my visits. I'm hoping they're enjoying the loan of the Puffy AmiYumi CD.

Amanda and I then drove through much rain to return home, where I found I’d lost most of my fantasy football games for the week. Oh well, I’ll do better next weekend. I almost fell asleep at one point, but we stopped for food. That always perks me up for a few hours. We arrived home and stayed up for a few hours to ensure a full night's sleep and went to bed. A wonderful weekend indeed.

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