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I said I’d post my rankings, so here they are:
Least bad to worst:

12. Theodore Roosevelt – a Progressive and the last good Republican. Set up the national park system and was full or wonderful quotes. Also tried to stand up against the rightward swing of his party but had the 1912 nomination stolen from him and given to Taft.

11. William Howard Taft – He wanted to continue the progress and policies of Roosevelt, sadly he was incapable of doing so for long. He wasn’t cut out to be president and recognized this. He did, however, let himself be used be the Republican Establishment to thwart Roosevelt’s attempts to regain the nomination in 1912. Sadly, this destroyed his friendship with Roosevelt as well.

10. Dwight D. Eisenhower – A decent man who let himself be corrupted by the politics of his party. Didn’t condemn McCarthy, or try to do anything about him. Backed down to Nixon and let him be VP. However, he didn’t cut taxes, wanted a balanced budget and kept us out of war without surrendering our allies and interests. Finally, he warned us of the growing military-industrial complex.

9. William McKinley – Died before he could do much damage in the new century. His death gave us Theodore Roosevelt.

8. Gerald R. Ford – Had no direction, no influence, no mandate. Pardoned Nixon

7. Calvin Coolidge – A “do nothing” president that likely precipitated the Great Depression. Kept the US out of the League of Nations, followed in Harding’s tax-cuts-for-the-wealthy-footsteps

6. Warren G. Harding – Full of scandal, greed and corruption, this White House would set the tone for the Republican Presidencies of the latter part of the 20th century. Liked cutting taxes for the rich too. Might have been higher on the list if he hadn’t died early.

5. Ronald Regan – When this man was president, I wouldn’t have believed he could sink all the way to #5 this quickly. Increased the debt from a few hundred million to 3 trillion in 8 years. This much debt was unheard of at the time. Of course, he cut taxes once and then raised them over and over, yet kept painting the Democrats as tax raisers. Also involved in Iran-Contra and had 23 criminal convictions in his administration.

4. George H. W. Bush – An insipid man who increased the debt from 3 trillion to 6 trillion in just 4 years. Had no idea what he wanted to do, just that he wanted to be President. Called Reagan’s policies “Voodoo Economics” then became his VP and kept his mouth shut. Likely did many horrible things as head of the CIA. Is father of George W. Bush and despite disagreeing with what W. is doing, backs his son to the hilt. Also involved in Iran-Contra

3. Herbert Hoover – The highlight of Hoover’s existence is that a friend of mine and I wrote a song about him and milk. His ineptitude plunged the country into the worst financial crisis in history and he had no way out other than waiting. He actually thought it would all take care of itself.

2. Richard Nixon – A criminal. Should have been in jail, would have been if not for Ford. “Only Nixon could go to China”? It didn’t really amount to as much as they’d have you think. And that’s his high point. I have a collection of books on Nixon from when he was running for VP with Eisenhower, they all talk about what a dirty, underhanded sneak and cheat he was. I then have another section from the late 60 saying exactly the same thing. How did he get elected? If you’re unconvinced that he belongs at # 2 from his criminal activities, just remember that before he was President or VP, he served as a congressman on the House Un-American Activities Committee. He ruined countless people’s lives to further his political career.

1. George W. Bush.
Criminal: Misappropriation of funds, use of intimidation to prevent the release of accurate governmental data, releasing a CIA operative’s name in additional attempts to intimidate.
Liar: Iraq has WMDs, Iraq could be a Nuclear Threat, The tax cut is for everyone, He didn’t know Sept. 11th could happen, (the list could go on for several pages in very small type).
Deserter: Never bothered to finish his military assignment and then has the audacity to try to smear John Kerry’s Vietnam service. Got into the guard with family connections and to dodge the draft. Of course, he likely left the military so they wouldn’t find his alcohol abuse and cocaine use in the medical report.
Traitor: Gave aid and comfort to the enemy by whisking all the Sauds and bin Ladens out of the country after Sept. 11th. Is making deals with a foreign power to influence the American elections.
And this doesn’t even mention his disastrous policies or incoherent ramblings or how he’s a puppet of the neocons or his miserable intrusions of religion into public office.

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