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I had a very nice weekend visiting kaisilverwolf and qahawthorne.

We mostly went shopping and watched tv, so it was very relaxing.
Friday night we had dinner at a steak-like place. I had mashed potatoes with my steak and they included a "flavor lump". This lump was a black ovoid approximately 3" at its widest point. When sliced in half with my fork, it was revealed to be black all the way through and of a harder consistency than a potato. I believe the object in question was a rotten potato. Fortunately, it did not make me ill and I was given a new plate of potatoes as compensation. I probably could have made a big deal and gotten free things, but it wasn't worth my time.
Before dinner, Kai and I had gone shopping at:

  • Target, where I got a corkscrew to replace the crappy one I have at home.
  • Best Buy, where I purchased Scrubs seasons 2 & 3, a few cheap movies and Home Moves season 4 which includes a CD of the music from the show! He is Franz Kafka!
  • Barnes & Noble, where Kai got a book on Dreamweaver (Now you must all sing that horrid song) and I got some SF and a Star Trek Manga.
  • A shoe store where Kai got some very sexy boots. That woman has some fiiiiiine legs.

Saturday we went to a mall and Kai didn't buy clothes though that's what we'd shopped for. That night we had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. It was very different from anything I'd had before and was lots of fun. Everyone eats with their hands and your group all shares the food brought to the table. Essentially they have 2 meals, 1 for meat eaters and the other for vegetarians. They then bring 7 courses and you get to choose 1 of them as beef or lamb. We chose lamb.
The oddest of the dishes was a chicken dish with nuts and such, covered with a thin, crisp crust which is covered in powdered sugar and cinnamon. I didn't expect it to be tasty as that seems a very strange combination, but it was quite good. Dessert was Baklava.
Around 3/4 of the way through our meal, the music changed to a funky rendition of "Happy Birthday", the lights went out and they brought sparklers and booze to 3 of the parties in the room. You could just make out people putting together a raised table in the middle of the room and when the lights came up again, there was a belly dancer on the table who did around 5 dances. 2 with a scimitar balanced on her head.

Sunday we had breakfast at the Magic Lantern, quickly becoming a tradition, and I took Kai to Bed, Bath and BEYOND!!! where she purchased a ton of bedding and I got a Power Squid. I then drove home.

I look forward to going again. The only less enjoyable part was when I tried to get a hotel room near where they live. The first was full up. The second hotel (Hilton) had rooms... at $299 a night! Fortunately, my future-car has the GPS map. I was able to have the map show all the hotels in the area and by pushing a button, the map fed my phone the number of the selected hotel and called them for me. I was able to call around and find a hotel a little further away for only $76 a night.

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