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I should really just get up and post immediately when I remember a dream. At this point all I can remember is playing golf and tying with someone at 66 and winning. Of course, that was only 9 holes and I kept trying to explain why that was still a good score. Also, the round of golf was rather ninja-like with lots of sneaking and assaulting, but not assaulting people.
After golf I had to deliver a pizza and it was related in some way. The pizza people were karate experts and evidently I was fending them off during the golf round, though that wasn't clear at the time. They'd only sent one person after me and I managed to subdue him by hitting him repeatedly while he was introducing himself to me and explaining what he wanted. I then tied him up using an elaborate macrame hanging web thing. He kept undoing it as I was weaving, but I worked faster than he could and thwarted him by wetting the entire thing once I'd finished which caused the ropes to shrink and bind more tightly.

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