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Another dream

Man, there've been alot of these lately, no?

This was in two parts and I'm not sure how they are connected.
The first part started with me pulling into a driveway and going into a house to wait for people. It turned out to be the house my grandparents had in the Poconos in PA when I was a kid. The house was empty and dark, when I walked through the front door it became night. The walls were grey and there was only the ghosts of furniture in the house. I went into the garage to wait for people and no-one came. After awhile a truck came by and something happened. This something made me realize I was in the wrong reality, but had no idea how to get to the right one. I went out driving and while on a jughandle I got out of my car and began talking with the woman in the car in front of me. In the course of this conversation I killed someone and switched realities. I realized that every time I killed someone, I'd switch and so I went off killing people until I got home. I never did as the dream switched before that. The last part in this section of the dream involved me trying to seduce a woman and her husband coming home. As I was crawling through the window, I realized I should have just asked them for a threesome as I was a woman and surely they'd have said yes, even though I wasn't a woman before thinking this. The last image was of a naked woman (me) crawling through a small window over the bed.

The second part started with me (male again) driving in my Toyta Prius in the backwoods of Burlington, MA. It was near the highway and mall, near a river and we were going to a secret meeting. I have no idea who the other person was except that they were male. At times it may have been hagbardc and at times it could have head58. So we had our meeting and it was apparently so secret I remember nothing of it, except that there were other people there. Also, when we left we were under no circumstances to go near the Tires store by the mall. That's what it was called: Tires.

The problem was, the only paved road went right by Tires. We used my gps to find dirt roads away from the meeting, but were trying to be sneaky so we kept trying to cover the light it was giving off.

For some reason, I think we ran out of road, we stopped by these two ramshackle houses by the river to ask for directions and we were captured by the occupants. I went to one house and my friend went to the other. Every so often, my friend would be dragged out to the yard to participate in some strange performance art-protest piece. This often involved stacking my friend in a pile with dogs or a seal, or giant stacks of uncooked man-sized bacon, or those giant balls you see in bins at supermarkets. Sometimes the pile would then be slathered in things like mud or maple syrup or motor oil (used). Much more horrible and bizarre things would also occur, but aside from a vague image of something sexual I can't recall what. My friend was being horribly traumatized at each of these events and when night fell again I decided we'd escape. We spent around an hour wandering through the two yards, carefully inspecting each car to find my car and eventually found it on a raft on the river, tied up next to the shore. They thought I couldn't get it off the tiny raft in the dark, but hadn't realized I had the backup camera and light and we managed to get away.

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