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Legion Cartoon

In general, I like it. There are two problems though. The first is the writing. It really isn't great. The overall plots are good, but the dialogue is stilted and for example, in the third episode they summon Superboy because they are in dire straights and moments later they've won without him without it being a big deal.
The other is the art. I don't have a problem with the necks so much, it is the eyes. When they draw Saturn Girl looking to the left they draw the pupils going to the corners of her eyes, since her eyes are heavily slanted one pupil goes up and the other down. Phantom Girls eyes are simply terrible. The cartoonists need some basic anatomy lessons apparently.
The only other quibble I have is that the voices are all far too similar.

Also, dating almost never interfered with heroing in the comics. And damn Brainy is bitchy. And really, Alexis becoming evil? Trite. Had she joined the Legion to be close to Superman that'd've been much cooler.

On the plus side, I like what they're doing with everyone's powers. Also: Tyroc!

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