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What a fine morning

Dems took the house by a WIDE margin. Looks like I was pretty close with my prediction of 31 seats. We'll have to see how close when all the races are done. Dems took 6 Gov seats and look like they'll take control of the Senate if all results hold through the recounts. I was gretly pleased SD's ban on abortion was struck down by voters, though annoyed that so many gay marriage bans passed. I'm sure that they'll all be overturned with time, but it is still annoying. The one that really surprised me is that Arizona's proposal to award one voter a million dollars an election failed.

In other news, I read a comic strip called Jane's World. It is a nice slice of life comic about a lesbian newspaper reporter and her friends. It has continuity and a fairly slow timeline. However, starting yesterday the strip started to seriously disturb me. Why? Take a look for yourself. FURRIES! NOOOoooooo!!!

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