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Vague dream

I had a dream last night, but don't remember enough to put it in the wiki.

I dreamt I drove to the airport of a small town. When I got there, I tried to use the car's map to help the ticket person show me how to get to the airfield, miles away. They didn't understand maps well enough to know what we were looking at. Also, all the ticket information was in binary and this was apparently my 5th recent flight according to the piece of paper I had.

While at the airport, I ran into a congressman working there and discovered he ate hamburgers made of people. At that point I knew I had to make an attack ad and spent the rest of the dream trying to think of real life examples to compare him to. All I could come up with were Jeffery Dahlmer and Idi Amin. It bothered me that I couldn't think of more. Also, I kept thinking about hamburgers made of people.

If I remember any more, maybe I'll post it to the wiki.

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