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Dream #1

A few days ago I had a dream I meant to post about, but didn't.
I was working in a scientific laboratory. The Science Fictiony kind. There was a noise as I was walking down the hall and aidosaur (she worked there too) and I opened a door to check it out. The room was full of odd machines and some kind of thick, liquid, bubbly substance boiling up out of a few of them. There were people in the corner, not quite wanting to approach the machines, but not really afraid either, so aidosaur and I went up to the main machine.
aidosaur got closer than I did as whatever process was ocurring reached culmination. She was lifted slowly into the air as the center of the machine rose. The machine was creating anti-gravty! I pulled her from the energy field, but we were both hit with some sort of energy discharge. She was lightly burned in a few places, I had large gouges taken from my shins. I remember thinking in the dream, around the width of a computer mouse. Both were right down to the bone, the right leg around 10" long, the left, 6". Strangely they didn't bleed or hurt. I was most concerned that my suit's pants were now damaged and I'd have to buy a new suit before I went on any more interviews.

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