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Blech - Early

I decided to get up early today and managed to do so, staggering out of bed at 8:50. Blech. I may need a nap later. I'm sure many of you will now complain that I got to sleep far later than you, but I didn't go to sleep until after 3 and I'll be getting up much earlier once I'm employed again.

Packing is progressing well. The living room is 1/2 done. It'll all go faster after tomorrow. The charity guy is coming to pick up the stuff and I'll then be able to put boxes in the garage. That'll give me the room I need to rearrange and pack more easily. I have to decide if I should put pallets on the floor of the storage space when I get it.

My brother was going to come over on Saturday to help me move 3 bookcases to hagbardc's, but became too busy, as I think I mentioned before. If he can't do it before Friday I think I may have to wait until the following Saturday to move them and that'll be annoying. He could do it this Friday, but not until the afternoon and that'll be too late.

I think I'm going to move all the boxes myself and just have movers do the big things. Boxes are easy, especially if you have a hand truck.

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