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Ted Kopple

Who knew Ted Koppel was such a complete moron? I just heard him on NPR acting as a Right Wing mouthpiece. What a tool. Claiming the Democrats can't call for pulling out the troops 'cause there's no way Bush will and then they'd be doomed. They couldn't stay at that point or they validate Bush, they can't leave 'cause the chaos would be on their hands.
Does he bother to think about what the RNC has handed him? Or does he just read it verbatim?
"In a few months after taking the White House, Iraq would be the Democrat's problem"
Really? You mean Republicans aren't still blaming things on Clinton 7 years after he left office?
Yeah, the Democrats would sure be in a pickle withdrawing the troops like the ever-growing majority of Americans want. How would they ever stand themselves with doing what is both right and popular?

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