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Not the weekend I expected

Saturday went as planned, but Sunday did not.
Originally the plan was to see a second concert on Sunday night, but that plan was dropped at some point. Then emilytheslayer and I had intended to stay overnight and go to brunch the next day and to go to a yarn store she like called Webs. After saying goodbye to head58, aliwings and editswlonghair after the TMBG show and going to the Tunnel Bar, emilytheslayer and I went to Webs to see when they opened. Answer: Monday. They were closed all day Sunday! So instead of finding a hotel for the night, we just went home to Waltham. The next day was spent sleeping late and taking jeffwik to lunch at Olive Garden (Em had a hankerin') and on a quest for a DS and the game called Puzzle Quest for said DS. We failed in our quest, but succeeded in our lunch.

Seturday was fun, though I didn't find the music I was looking for. We had a pleasant ride to the valley, wandered through many fun stores, went to the Woman's League booksale, ate at Judy's (mmm... popovers & Apple Butter) and saw an enjoyable TMBG concert at the Iron Horse. We got to talk to Neal for a few moments and went to the Tunnel Bar after. The Tunnel Bar had a nice atmosphere and great architecture. The prom going on upstairs only made it more amusing.

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