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Give 'em the chair!

In my quest to reduce the amount of stuff I own, I'll periodically be posting about things I'm intending to get rid of. If you think I should keep it, tell me. If you want it for yourself, claim it here!

Last time:
Lamp - thrown away
Bookshelf - given to ioanthe
California Raisins sleeping bag - Still have, still intend to get rid of. I'm going to check EBay again and if it looks like last time, I'm giving to to Goodwill.

This time:
My grandmother had a kitchen table with 4 chairs. The table has an extandable metal top with removable legs. I'm keeping that, it doesn't take much space. However, the chairs are wooden and non-collapsable (unless you break them). They're in good condition, sturdy with tie-on cushions on some of them. I think they're likely from the 60s. Does anyone want them? There are 4. If no-one does, I think I'll send them to Goodwill.

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