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Rocking the PS2

Last night I beat Guitar Hero on Medium. It was fun! Now I have all the songs unlocked and have started buying bonus tracks. I should probably go back and do the whole thing on Easy so I can unlock the things you get for that. I also need to do a few more songs to have done all the songs on medium. I only need to do 2 or 3 over again to improve them to 5 stars, which also unlocks something.
After I finished, I figured I'd see just how hard the Hard level is. I didn't think I'd have that much trouble using 5 buttons instead of 4, but I did! I did a low level song, first tier, on practice and only got 62%! I'm surprised I scored that high 'cause I felt like I was just flailing about. I need MUCH more practice before I can tackle the Hard level.

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