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Last night I had a dream that I was driving down a Mass road with emilytheslayer. Not much different from reality so far. The car was at times the Pathfinder and at times the Prius. Even there, not so odd. The weird part is that as I turned a corner in a wooded area, I saw there were 2 tigers sitting in the road. I stopped and told emilytheslayer to roll up her window and make sure the doors were locked. We sat there and watched them for awhile and when they moved enough, we drove past. Not far beyond was a parking lot on the edge of a town and the in parking lot were quite a few police officers. I pulled over and told them there were tigers, thinking they were probably there to deal with that, but the woman cop said "Oh, yeah, they've been released into the wild in an effort to increase their population and controll the deer population." The cops were there for something else entirely. I drove away pleased.

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