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Last weekend

Before we took urnesha down to NC, I stopped at Newbury Comics to get a present for emilytheslayer. I know she loves David Bowie, so I wanted to get her a CD collection that we could listen to on the trip. I got her the Changes collection, which is the one I was most used to listening to. However, I only have it on vinyl so this purchase seemed like a good one even if she already had it. Indeed it was, and it was appreciated.

While in Newbury, however, I seem unable to leave with just 1 CD. I also got her a CD of early Bowie, and I bought the new Smashing Pumpkins (Homer Simpson, Smiling Politely) album for myself. I also decided to finally get the CD version of one of the great Punk albums that I only have on vinyl.

I purchased The Scream by Siouxsie and the Banshees. I can finally listen to it without all the crackle and pops from my well-worn vinyl. Since I don't listen to LPs as much as I used to, I'd forgotten how good the album is. It was amusing to realize just how much Siouxsie seems to have been an influence for Roxy Epoxie. There's a direct line between the two. I'd love to hear the Epoxies cover Mirage or Jigsaw Feeling. Mirage seems like it could have been on the latest Epoxies album and would have fit right in. I'd also love to hear them cover Carcass, but that's just because it is my favorite song on the album and I bet they could do some great things with Metal.

It seems unlikely they'll do this, but I can dream!

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