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We arose at around 8, needing to be at the Newark airport at 10:30 to be there 3 hours ahead of takeoff. I'd planned to get a new battery for my watch, but we forgot. I hope to do that in Japan. emilytheslayer also wants a watch, this we also forgot and hope to get in Japan. We hit the continental breakfast (tiny and disappointing except for some surprisingly good minuscule banana muffins) and headed for the airport by around 9:30. It was a good thing we were so early. On Rt. 24, I asked emilytheslayer to look at our tickets and see if it said what terminal we were supposed to go to at Newark. She took the tickets out, I glanced over and saw that they said JFK. Oops! I'd asked for Newark and they never contradicted me, so I assumed it was Newark. I'd also assumed it was on ANA 'cause that's who's listed on the worldcon's website. Wrong again! We flew on JAL. Still a Japanese airline, but not the same one. I have to remember to tell Pete I was wrong about all that information. Anyway, since the airports in the area are all so close it wasn't a big deal, I just drove to JFK instead and we still got there by 10:30. It did help that I dated urnesha and she lived in Brooklyn on the way to the airport. My taking her to the airport when she flew home to Trinidad helped me get to JFK this time with no problems. We also got to drive by Coney Island.
We parked in long-term parking, the reservation I made for parking was near Newark and now useless. At least we got to ride the train to the airport instead of a bus. We flew through security and set about amusing ourselves for the 2:30 we had to kill before our flight boarded. A cleaning woman helped us kill time with her wacky antics. She kept insisting in broken English that we couldn't eat in the seats by the gate, despite there being no signs prohibiting this whatsoever. Turns out, she just didn't want to clean there after we'd eaten. She nagged at us for awhile and then the guy sitting behind emilytheslayer. At first, emilytheslayer thought she was being nice and just letting us know there were tables for us to eat at, but as the woman became more insistent and we said "no" a few times and then just started ignoring her we realized it wasn't just being nice. The guy behind emilytheslayer had watched this, had the benefit of our experiences and just ignored her from the start. She even went so far as to have a security person come over and translate for her into English. The security woman seemed quite embarrassed by this. The crazy cleaning woman did eventually get someone to move later on. An older Japanese man moved for her when she wouldn't stop nagging him. There was a couple having beer that she ignored completely, so I guess she just didn't like crumbs.
We boarded our flight with no problems despite the announcements being in Japanese and awkward English and settled in for a long, long sleepless flight.

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