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Wednesday In Japan

We managed to sleep in a little later Wednesday, probably partly thanks to the previous day's exhaustion. We got up around 8, had brunch again and headed out on another fun filled, unplanned day. Surprisingly, we weren't ravenous at breakfast despite not having had dinner the night before. I actually ate less than on Tuesday. It is nice that they have French fries at breakfast for emilytheslayer.
After breakfast, we returned to the room to set out a framework for the day's sightseeing. emilytheslayer had a few places she wanted to go and I wanted to go to the electronics area and maybe go see Tokyo tower. We were full of confidence from our having mastered the Japanese train system, though it is really quite easy. There are maps in Romanjii as well as in Kanji and Katakana. We used the Tokyo Jr Route map. Keiko had told us the train was one big circle around Tokyo and, while there are many other lines that do not, the one we used does! We used the Yamanote line. This is the same line we used on Tuesday, but today we went further on it and ended up traveling its entire length.
Today we started at Harajuku and were greeted by a Snoopy store as soon as we got out of the train station. We were looking for a yarn store, but it seems to have gone out of business. So we'd walked far down one street and were headed back to the train station 'cause emilytheslayer knew there were other places near there she wanted to go. On the way, she said "Hey, let's go this way" and we diverted off the main road. We saw more fun stores this way. We had to link up to the main road again, but soon wandered off and ended up coincidentally on the other end of the street we'd wanted to go to. We ended up walking up the street and ending at the train station, so no backtracking was required.
emilytheslayer found some neat clothing stores including one called Putumayo where she bought some cute clothes. The women working there were very amusing. The one that kept going up and down the stairs to the street, putting out the advertising, was wearing the store fashions that included a hobble between her ankles. It was long enough that it didn't really interfere with her walking, but it was odd that she was the one navigating the stairs repeatedly. The other one loved the clothes so much, she kept talking to emilytheslayer about how great this or that was and she should try it on and oh, isn't this one cute and so on. Or at least that's what I assume. It was mostly in Japanese, with lots of giggling. This woman had plucked her eyebrows off until there were just tiny lines left going up at a steep angle. When emilytheslayer said the clothes were too small for her, the woman found everything in the store that should be big enough for emilytheslayer and emilytheslayer tried some of them on and ended up buying a few things.
We also finally managed to find some Kirin Lemon soda in a vending machine on this street. I thought I'd found some at the convenience store the night before, but it turned out to be Kirin Lemon and booze! I think it was gin. Now I know to look and see if there is an alcohol % listed on the can before I buy it. The kind I got is 7% alcohol. It also seems to list the % of juice in it, so it is a little confusing to see it say 7% 3.8%. The soda was just as wonderful and refreshing as I remembered. emilytheslayer got a Fanta Melon-cream soda that was quite good, if a little sweet for me. The diet Coke tastes somewhat odd, as they use a different sweetener (It is Coke Light here) and I prefer Kirin Lemon, if only I could find it more often!
Just before we left this area, having enjoyed the strange clothing many of the women were wearing, we also found a watch for emilytheslayer. She tried on some Hello Kitty watches, but they didn't fit right, so she got a plaid wristband watch that fits nicely. We also saw two women dressed Goth that were essentially what every American Goth aspires to being.
We then boarded the train again and headed for Shinjuku for the BIG crafts store that was supposed to have a great yarn selection. We fond it easily, the internet directions were great, and walked up to the 6th floor where the yarn was. I'd managed to find out how to say "wool" in Japanese (u-ru), but had neglected to look up yarn or knitting. Fortunately, we found it easily and emilytheslayer got lots of neat yarn.
Since that was all that we'd gone to this area for, we now decided to head for Tokyo Tower. This was our only mis-navigation of the day and it stemmed more from misreading the map than getting on the wrong train. We simply went a few stops too far and got off at Tokyo station instead of Hamamatsucho station. We saw on the map where the tower was and started walking in the direction we thought it'd be in. We were right, but it was much farther than I'd expected. We reached Yuracucho station and emilytheslayer pointed out that Hamamatsucho station was much closer to the tower, so we got back on the train and headed out. At least we got to see Tokyo Station which was a neat, old station.
Once back off the train, we walked to Tokyo Tower. It is a remarkably easy and straight walk there. We took our second NotDuck picture of the day, the first being at Tokyo Station, walked to the station by way of the Zojo-ji shrine, had some tasty crepes (I had lemon slices with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. emilytheslayer had banana slices and custard) and walked back to the train station.
We had one last stop on our itinerary for the day, we wanted to go to Electric Town in Akihabara to look at gadgets and perhaps get my watch battery. It is an amusing little area, somewhat smaller than I'd expected, though we may just not have found the whole thing. There are many women dressed in costumes (including many in French maids outfits, they apparently give you foot massages while talking geek with you). We found another watch for emilytheslayer here, this one Hello Kitty, and had the people working there examine my watch as though they'd never seen such a thing before, eventually telling me they had no battery for it.
We took the train, the most crowded ever (had to wait for the second one) back to Ikebukuro station and walked to Sunshine City. We stopped at the Sanrio store and bought a towel and walked back to the hotel. The walk back seems shorter every time. Once back in the room, the plan was to rest a bit, get changed and go to dinner. Then we decided we still weren't really hungry and called it a night. I love emilytheslayer so much, it's been a great trip. We're already looking forward to next time.
Tomorrow we send our luggage to the convention hotel by truck, do a little shopping and head to Yokohama! Wheee!

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