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Thursday in Japan

Back to posts about the trip to Japan!

We arose in time to have a pleasant last brunch at our hotel. We'd asked not to have maid service on Wednesday and in return we received a 円1000 coupon. Actually, 2 円500 coupons. After breakfast we finished packing, double checked the room to ensure we hadn't left anything behind and brought our luggage to the lobby for shipment to Yokohama. We arrived in the lobby at around 10AM and discovered we'd be taking the bus with our luggage instead of having our luggage sent by truck and taking the train. The escort from the agency decided trying to herd 30 people through the train system was more trouble than he could handle and thought some people might get separated from the group.
We had until 1PM to wander or rest; we did both. We went back to the train station, which was a massive train station/mall, to go to a department store. We were looking for some presents and a watch battery and found one present. We did find the watch department in the department store and the first watch we saw cost 円1,500,000. I did not add extra zeroes. For the price in $ you can either divide by 106 or just lop the last 2 zeroes off for a convenient approximation, which is what I usually did. We saw some bento boxes, but they were quite small and didn't have latching lids (for kaisilverwolf) though they did have bags you could buy to carry them in. We didn't get one 'cause we didn't think that's what she wanted. We looked for Kitsune or Coi Fish Banners for eregyrn, but it was the wrong region for the former and the wrong season for the latter. We did find Tea Powder for the tea ceremony for Keiko.
After making this one purchase, we headed back to the hotel, stopping at the Sanrio store to grab a few extra presents and skipped the Anime/Manga store in favor of resting a bit at the hotel. While waiting for the bus I found they had bottles of Kirin Lemon soda in the hotel convenience store! Why hadn't I seen them before?! I drank 2 bottles in my glee at finding it.
The bus ride was long, but pleasant. We saw Tokyo Tower up close again and emilytheslayer took many pictures of it. We chatted with the family in front of us who turned out to be from Manchester, NH. The dad works for Radio Shack (yet couldn't give me a watch battery) and the daughter was highly enamored of Japanese pop culture, especially Anime/Manga. There's a surprise! /Sarcasm

We arrived at the hotel and quickly checked into our room. Since we were part of a group, we didn't have to go to the front desk, they just tagged our luggage and handed us keys. The room was very nice and we've declared the hotel to be "swank". We set down our carry-on luggage, checked out the room (double beds, but at least double size this time instead of single) and headed to the convention to get our badges and see some panels. I was a little disappointed in the format as the typical panel length was 2 hours long instead of the usual 1. I assume this was to accommodate translation.
I saw the panel on Evil Leaders at 4:00. As usual on the first day, some panelists hadn't arrived at the con yet. Only 1 of 3 panelists was there, so (for the jealousy of emmalyon) Jordan Kare was persuaded to jump in, despite not being officially on any panels for this con. Esthner Friesner showed up around an hour late, coming right from her flight. She walked in as they were talking about evil women, so she had good timing! Not that she's necessarily evil, though she may be, she is just well equipped to talk about that subject. The panelists were amusing, but spent most of the panel describing hot to get minions. That and how you had to be a snappy dresser.
emilytheslayer and I then tried to find food and settled for some potato chips (for me) and Cup Noodle (for her) from a convenience store as most restaurants were closed or seemed like they'd take awhile and we wanted to get to the opening ceremonies. I was surprised to see the Mayor of Yokohama open the convention. The local mayor never seems to come to WorldCon, but he was quite pleasant and his speech said he was proud to host us. We also saw the guests of honor in a fairly amusing ceremony that had a little trouble with the translation, but not much.
After the opening ceremony, around 8:00 I think, we retired back to our hotel room for the night. I've never gone to a WorldCon party, but that's mostly what happens at night. Maybe someday emilytheslayer will loan me enough courage so I can go to one with her. As it was, we both went to sleep.

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