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Likely the best review you're likely to see for Dragon wars

From's Andrew Leonard

"I can still say with total authority that "Dragon Wars" is the best South Korean fantasy set in contemporary Los Angeles that I have ever had the pleasure to witness."

and that's after saying "I will be the first to confess that my exposure to some forms of art has been sorely limited".

Like he needed to emphasize he's only seen the one, just to make sure you don't get the wrong idea. After all, he starts the review with

WARNING: Under no circumstances should the following post be interpreted as a positive review of the movie 'Dragon Wars: D-War.' By reading any further, you absolve How the World Works [his column] from all potential liability for psychic pain suffered, in this universe or any other, as a consequence of viewing 'Dragon Wars.'"

So we're all going to go see this together, right?

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