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Phone Calls

I was sitting at home last night, playing City of Heroes, watching Alton Brown with emmalyon when the phone rang. As is my wont, I answered it. This (approximately) is the phone conversation that followed:
[ME] Hello?
[CALLER] Can I speak to Stefan? (Pronnounced Correctly)
[ME] Yep!
[CALLER] Hey Stefan! This is Shawn!
[ME] (Hesitantly) Hi?
[CALLER] I'm calling from the Girls Gone Wild Video company. I was wondering if you'd be interested in answering around 5 questions for a survey and we'll send you two of our videos free!
[ME] Um.... (long pause) No...
[CALLER] Oh, ok. (Hangs up)

Now I regret not taking the survey, not because I want the videos, but because I want to know what questions would they have asked? Emmalyon thinks they'd be along the lines of "Do you like hot girls?" urnesha said they'd be the more pedestrian "Have you heard of us? Do you have any of our videos?" I prefer to think the questions would have been more esoteric like "What is your stance on First Amendment rights and pornography?" "Do you have any women tied up in your basement now?" "Do you have any young women around that we can videotape?" "Do you like cheese? What kind?"

Sadly, now I'll never know.

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