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Loverly Wednesday

Today someone told he “I was in the last place he looked”. Of course, we all know that’s a silly statement as why would anyone keep looking once they’d found what they were looking for, but that started me wondering. What is the proper way to express the intended sentiment? That sentiment is that something is misplaced and the seeker looks in many places before finding it. Should it be:
It was in the last place I intended to look
It was in the place I thought least likely
Despite searching, it was not found until I’d looked in a large number of places
Because, of course, no-one says this if it is in the first place they look. In those cases, the first place would be the last place, but it is also unremarkable.

In other news, COMIC DAY! Wheee!

And I do still have a job, the agency I was complaining about, with whom I had a long argument, called me back to tell me that I was right and that they’re giving me what I asked for. Now I just need to get them to assign me someone that has better communication skills than the woman I’m dealing with now.

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