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Super Scrabble

Last night I played Super Scrabble with aliwings. Sadly she won again, but it was a thrilling game with several lead changes and some dramatic play toward the end!

My favorite play was when I finally got a bingo! That's when you play all 7 letters in your hand. There was an exposed N on the board and I was going to make HUMA(N)E when I realized that my other two letters were IN. I made INHUMA(N)E for 88 points! That put me in the lead until late in the game.

Q and Z were sadly to be my doom. aliwings made SQUI(R)E, but I managed to put down CHASE with the E making E(SQUIRE) and the A was on the Triple Word Score! I thought I was set! In the lead near the end and no large spaces left to make a word. Then aliwings made (H)AZED with the Z on the quadruple letter score and it was all over. She'd won again. A rallied a little, but to no avail. Her play of Q adn Z on subsequent turns was all she needed.

The only other unusual play was that I managed to put a word across 2 double word scores, giving me a sort of do-it-yourself quadruple word score. Fun, but not enough for me to win.

Congratulations aliwings on your victory in a fun and challenging game of Super Scrabble.

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