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Dear Mr. Winnik,

Are you overworked? Did you not want to get the Green Arrow/Black Canary assignment? Do you just not care anymore? Are you going slowly senile?
I used to enjoy your writing, but this series has been crap so far. I've already ranted about the terrible pacing and order of events in the "Black Canary/Green Arrow Wedding" comic, but the first issue of the Black Canary/Green Arrow series is just crap!
As expected, you put Black Canary and Conner on the cover with a blurb "Not the team you expected!" Then your artist manages to forget the difference between "Ass" and "Crotch" on one of the first pages. I'm really interested in how Ollie sat in gum and it ended up smack in the middle of the front of his crotch. I had no idea Ollie could bend like that, no wonder Dinah loves him. And that's only page 2!

And Mr. Winnik, I have to ask, do you know what "suspense" is? You build up this rediculous, implausable cliffhanger and then resolve it in the FIRST issue of the new series? You show that "Ollie" was Everyman (thank goodness that crap character is dead now) and Ollie is indeed alive and being held by the Amazons by the end of the FIRST ISSUE! What was the point of all the build-up?
So there's to be no search for Ollie, no wondering if he's alive (thanks to Batman or Exposition Lad as he seems to be in this issue), and no Dinah and Conner working together before the search for Ollie begins.
And I'll say this once again. It is a good thing no-one saw how her killing Ollie went down or they'd be wondering why she killed him in the first place.
The logic of the Amazons going through all this has been so weird so far that I'm actually interested in what kind of lame reasons you'll finally reveal for this, but only in a train-wreck sort of fashion.
Did you have some big thing planned and then decided against it? Was your only way out to shorten it to 2 issues? Were you told you had to work the Amazons into it somehow? Even though they don't exist any more?
When is this all supposed to be taking place? The Amazons aren't around any more! They've been dispersed into the general populace with their memories taken from them. Aren't you people talking to each other at DC?!
And then to have Tyroc jump out at the end?

Only kidding about Tyroc.

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