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Yesterday I was listening to NPR on my drive home from my interview and I heard the Governor of Georgia complaining about the drought currently existing in Georgia. He's the first Republican Governor they've had since 1872! His name is Sonny Perdue and he strikes me as an idiot. First of all, "Sonny"? How does anyone take him seriously with that name? OK, snark over. Here's why he strikes me as an idiot.

He was complaining that the Endangered Species Act is requiring water be diverted away from human use even in the drought conditions. His statement was (and this is paraphrased because I can't listen to the story at work and won't pay $4 for the transcript) "I don't believe the Endangered Species Act was intended to divert water to animals at the expense of human beings. It wasn't intended to say animal's water use was more important than human use."

To which I say "bullshit". That's exactly what it was intended to do. It was set up to ensure humans wouldn't simply drive animals to extinction by using up all the resources of an area. Otherwise what's the point of the act at all? It is intended to restrict human action to protect animals.

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