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emilytheslayer and I have made our first Thanksgiving dinner. This is the first one I've ever cooked and I'm pleased to say it came out quite well. We left the turkey in a little long, but it didn't make a difference in the end. I forgot to get flour, so no gravy, but that was really the only setback. I no longer have a potato masher, so I used some sort of pastry tool thing and it worked just fine.
We will have dessert soon: pumpkin pie for me, blueberry pie for her.

I don't normally say what I'm thankful for, but this year I shall.

  1. emilytheslayer
  2. Living in MA near so many of my friends
  3. All my other friends scattered around the country, and at this point, the world
  4. My mom and her husband
  5. A good job in a good job market
  6. My cat, Coppernicapuss
  7. The Packers winning again and being 10-1!
  8. The encouragement and support you all give me all year round.
  9. Being genuinely happy

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