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Last night, just before waking up, I had an odd, but amusing dream.

For some reason I had to go pick up ioianthe and mebib at a goth club. At first I thought "They're not going to let me in, I'm an old Punk." Then I thought, "Of course, they'll let me in, I'm an old Punk! I just need to make sure I'm dressed appropriately."

So, wearing my new jacket, but otherwise dressed as I usually am, I went to get the one extra item that would guarantee my admission to the club. You know those plastic, lattice-bottomed trays in which supermarkets display bread? I grabbed a light-blue one of those to wear on my head. When I got to the club, I only saw a few people wearing them and concluded it was more old-school than I'd thought.

I got in and went up a long staircase. I entered a brightly lit room and talked to the gangly, acne-covered teenager manning the door. The music wasn't too loud and there were plenty of chairs and some benches. Strangely, they were playing the Lemonheads...

I sat down on a bench and scanned the room for ioianthe and mebib. I didn't see them, but did see my friend Pete! The two of us started chatting about times we'd tried to get into clubs and failed. The "young'ns sitting around were held in rapt fascenation at our tales of not getting into clubs. The main story was how when we were in HS on a trip to Germany, Pete, hagbardc and I went 40 miles in a cab, were rejected at the door and went back. I was starting to wake up at this point and was amused at how a real event had gotten into the dream.

When I woke more fully I was even more amused because that hadn't been a real event at all. In fact, I didn't go to high school with Pete and hagbardc didn't go to Germany with us, though I did go to high school with him.

Back to the dream. After sitting on the bench for a little while, I noticed it was actually a desk and that I was sitting on a stapler that was recessed into the top of the desk a little over half-way. I moved it and continued talking to Pete. Right at the end of the dream, I looked to the right and noticed a door with a short staircase that led into a dark room that the music seemed to be coming from. That was the club. I'd been sitting in the foyer this whole time. Then I woke up.

Sorry I never did pick you up ioianthe and mebib! I hope you managed to get home on your own.


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