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I know it is a little late in the day to be posting if I want people to see it, but I did want to mention this before I forgot.

On Wednesday, emilytheslayer and I took inochinoakari and her boyfriend Rob to dinner to celebrate inochinoakari's birthday. Sure, her birthday was last month, but she's a very busy woman and it was the holiday season.

We took her to The Stockyard, which we've been seeing as we drive by on the Mass Pike. Wow, what a good steak place. The atmosphere is fun and it isn't too noisy. The prices are in line with other steak places and the food was excellent. We got an appetizer sampler and everything was tasty. I had some chili and that too was good. Then I get Filet Mingon and they cooked it perfectly. It even describes "Very Rare" properly on the menu. They also cooked inochinoakari and emilytheslayer's steaks just the way they like them and Rob's burger was also done right.

We need to go back with more people! We were actually seated at a table for 6 and I jokingly suggested we should call 2 more people.


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