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Had a very nice dream last night. There's a dream version of my grandparent's (mom's parents) old house that I haven't dreamed in awhile. It is exactly like their real house except it is larger on the main floors, has a full, very dry basement with 2 staircases and several floors of "attic" with many rooms, staircases, doorways and passages. At least 3 floors of attic actually. It used to be in these dreams that the basement and all of the attic were full of books. Books in boxes, on shelves, stacked on the floor, etc...

In my dream last night, my grandparents had sold the place and I'd just purchased it from the people they sold it to. They'd left all the shelving intact, but the house was now empty. emilytheslayer and I were moving in and filling it up with our books. It was a very nice dream indeed.

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