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I'm hungry, but don't want to eat so I'll post here to distract myself.

I was called Saturday by one of the national political survey's. It was a long survey and supposedly the results will show on at some point. Naturally, I said I love Bush because my phone is tapped.

I got to rate Kerry and Edwards Very Favorable and Bush and Cheney Very Unfavorable. I asked if there was something lower for Cheney and the woman said "now now, let's keep it polite." and laughed.

It was fun, I hope I get to do it again.

In other news, I heard Dole questioning Kerry's record. What a bastard. No honor at all. I'd allowed myself to be fooled into thinking he was a decent guy after he was a gracious loser on Letterman in 1996. Boy was I wrong.

I was pleased to see this in the Boston Globe.
In a Sunday editorial, even before Dole emerged on the airwaves to diminish the war record of a fellow veteran, the Boston Globe imagined what would have happened in 1996 if Bill Clinton had played dirty with Dole's record.

"After all, Dole was given a Purple Heart for a leg scratch probably caused, according to one biographer, when a hand grenade thrown by one of his own men bounced off a tree. And while the serious injuries Dole sustained later surely came from German fire, did the episode demonstrate heroism on Dole's part or a reckless move that ended up killing his radioman and endangering the sergeant who dragged Dole off the field?"

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