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Cat Power!

No, not the singer. My cat, Coppernicapus (or Copper for short) has a superpower. She has the "Ghost Cat" ability. She likes to sleep in the bed with us, usually snuggled up against me. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I can still feel her pressed up against my side or legs. I then reach down to pet her and she isn't there! She'd gotten up before I woke up and is now sitting on the chair in the living room or eating in the kitchen, but I can still feel the impression and warmth from where she was. It is like she leaves a ghost of herself behind.

While talking about Copper this morning on the train, emilytheslayer and I thought it'd be a good joke in a superhero comedy movie to have a person yell "Cat Power, Activate" and instead of a cat power activating, a Cat Power song started playing, leaving the hero confused and frustrated.

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