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Can't they do anything right?

Republicans claim to be the party of small government and a better economy, right? Looks like they can't even manage that.

seven years into his presidency, George W. Bush is in line to be the first president since World War II to preside over an economy in which federal government employment rose more rapidly than employment in the private sector.

the increase did reverse a substantial decline under Mr. Bush’s most recent predecessor, Bill Clinton.

it is possible that the overall rate of growth in private sector employment for his presidency, now at 0.53 percent per year, could fall below the 0.41 percent rate of his father’s administration, which had been the lowest of any president since World War II.

and my favorite
One of the weakest sectors was manufacturing. The number of such jobs peaked in 1979, when Jimmy Carter was president, and fell in every administration since, with the exception of a small gain in the Clinton years. The decline in the current administration, at a rate of 3.1 percent a year, is the steepest yet seen.

So manufacturing jobs peaked under Carter(D), fell under Reagan(R) and Bush(R), rose again under Clinton(D) and fell again under Bush(R). And yet, who are the idiots who are screaming about losing jobs to other countries voting for? Republicans. Someone should show them these numbers.

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