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I never thought I’d like playing basketball, certainly not as much as I do. I’ve apparently even been figuring out how to play! We played 2 on 2 today and I did pretty well. I stole the ball a few times and made some good baskets and played well with my teammate, passing the ball, reading the field and such. The amazing part was I RAN! I ran so far a-wa-a-ay. No, actually I did run. I ran quite a bit on the court, far more than I used to be able to do. I’m very pleased that even though I haven’t lost much weight, I’ve improved my stamina quite a bit.

I’m going to try and finish going through all my old boxes in the basement tonight, cutting up most of them for recycling tomorrow. It’ll be nice having that done. Then I can put up more shelving and work on finishing the straightening of the basement and my bedroom. I also must remember to thank Pete’s parents again next time I see them for the great old 78s cabinet that they gave me and the 78s that went with it. I should have room to put quite a few of mine in there making room for games upstairs.

Amanda is making meatloaf and was mocking my owning a meatloaf pan. She suggested that I’d never used it, which isn’t true. I did use it, twice. I intended to use it even more often, but did not. Ah well, who am I to complain, she’s been feeding me!

Thought for the hour: How do you write "Wheeee!" in Japanese?
Thought for the next hour: How do I do a live Journal entry with Japanese characters?

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