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Raymond F. Jones

One of the books I got for $1 at the convention was The Non-Statistical Man by Raymond F. Jones. If you follow the link, it is the second book on the Collections page. On the back of the book, it declares "By an Undisputed Master of Science Fiction" (Or a similar statement, I don't have the book in front of me.) and I was surprised. I've never heard of the man, or if I have I couldn't remember him. Upon looking at the website about him (He has perhaps 3 lines on Wikipedia), I discovered that I may have one of his other books and that one of his novels was adapted and made into This Island Earth. He was writing in the 50s and was apparently known then, though his work hasn't remained in the public eye the way some of his contemporaries' has. I'd asked a few other people at Boskone and they didn't remember him either. I'm pleased I found something about him and this book will likely be the next one I read.

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