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I made it home and am alive. I've so far manageed to refrain from expelling substances from my body in an unpleasant fashion and am starting to feel better.

The main reason for this post though is to tell you about this great dream I had while asleep.

I dreamt I'd invented a device to allow people to leave you messages if you missed their phone calls! People would call and the machine would pick up and they'd start talking, saying whatever they wanted you to know later. The machine would also keep identifying information so you'd know who called and when.

How would the machine perform this miraculous task, you ask?
The machine would use the vibrations of the person's voice to create a liquid that it's store in individual, tiny bottles. When the person hung up, the machine would seal the bottle with some tinfoil. When you get back from not answering your phone, you'd see there were bottles in the message bin and you'd retrieve them. You'd pick up the bottle, peel back the tinfoil and pour it in your ear. The liquid would travel to your brain and, using the same mechanism your body does to create memories, create a memory of the information left in the message.

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