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So after all my excitement that the Pillows were going to be playing at Anime Boston, we ended up not going. I'd heard some of their newer stuff and it is fairly standard J-Pop. Meh. And emilytheslayer was telling me that she'd heard accounts from others suggesting we'd never have made it to the show anyway. Apparently some of the people trying to get in on Saturday had to wait 9 hours for registration. There were other tales of poor organization as well. Makes me glad we didn't go.
But this does remind me, I need to register for Origins.
Plans for this year so far:
DateEventTo Do
4/25-4/28Wedding in DCNeed hotel reservations
6/6/-6/8WWII Air ShowNeed hotel reservations
6/25-6/30OriginsNeed to register, have flight and hotel
8/5-8/11WorldconNeed flight, have registration and hotel

I think that's everything.

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