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Local free papers

Boston has several local free papers. The two main ones, The Metro and Boston Now, are handed out at many subway stations quite energetically. I've never really paid much attention to either, only scanning them if someone's left one in the bathroom stall or if I feel like doing an easy crossword on the train ride home.

Usually the one I see is the Metro, I think. It seems ok, but not very notable. Today someone left the Boston Now in the men's room and I'm thinking this must be the one that would be referred to as a "rag". In the middle of the paper there's an article called "Drinking Games 101" and it looks like it is supposed to be a regular feature. Part of the College section, like college kids need to be taught drinking games by a newspaper. It was even worse than you might think though as it turned out to primarily be an ad for the Kells in the guise of a story. And we all know what the proper response to the Kells is!

Even that wasn't the worst part. What prompts me to say this paper is a "rag" is the accompanying picture. It is of three women showing a LOT of cleavage who are apparently about to demonstrate the game. The picture is cut off just above their lips. Their breasts are in the center, just above the booze.

So at least now I know not to bother with that paper.

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