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Yesterday was an interesting and eventful day. Started by getting up early, going to the dump to drop off recyclables and then test driving cars. Of course, since this was the day Amanda wanted to test drive, it was raining and she didn’t want to test drive anything in the rain, so I did. I drove the RX8 and the Honda Civic hybrid. Two completely different cars, one sporty, one sensible, but both techno geeky.

The RX8 has a Wankle engine. Yes, yes, Wankle. Snicker away and when you’ve gotten it out of your system, continue. The Engine is a rotary engine instead of a piston engine. This means far less wear and stress on the engine. It is a nifty piece of engineering and has tons of power. Even though it is a sports engine, it still gets 24 mpg highway, which is as good as my SUV. It was great fun to drive and handled really well, however there is no head room. Maybe if I played with the seat configuration more it’d help, but my head was brushing the ceiling the entire time.

The RX8 had a sticker price of around $31,000. Sadly, I want one.

The Civic Hybrid is a Civic in all but engine. It is exactly the same body and interior with one exception: there’s a battery between the back seat and the trunk, so you can’t put the seats down. I’d be willing to live with that since it gets 51 mpg. There’s an electric engine that assists the gas engine and some nifty gauges on the dash to tell you when it is assisting, when it is charging and how many volts are used. This is part of why it gets 51 mpg, but much of it is because the engine is just really efficient. The gas engine is the primary engine on the highway with the electric kicking in to help you up the hills instead of using more gas. This, of course, results in 51 mpg.

Did I mention it gets 51 mpg? That translates to 650 miles per tank! The last trip I took to visit Chris and Ali took me a tank of gas each way, this car would have taken 1 smaller tank for the entire trip! Between that and the geeky motor, that makes this a very sexy car indeed. I’d tell you more about the engine power and pickup, but I drove it immediately after the RX8 so it seemed a bit sluggish. I think most cars would have at that point. The Civic Hybrid had a sticker price of around $18,000, but you get a tax rebate for buying one. Sadly, I want one.

Now I just need to find a way to get both cars…

After car shopping, we went over to Pete & Keiko’s for food, gaming and Matthew visiting. We played Princes of Florence (which I won) and a few hands of Ivanhoe. We ate good steaks and got to play with Matthew who is almost 1. Rich and Amanda had a mixed drink out of a Tiki drink book. Steph and I didn’t have anything because we were driving. Pete had to go get Keiko at the train station so he didn’t drink until he got back. When he did, they made a drink called the Submariner. This drink apparently consisted of 2 shots vodka, 1.5 oz some other booze, 1.5 oz some other booze another shot of some other booze and a tablespoon of lime juice.

Rich drank a sip and convulsed. Tried again, diluted it for another try, poured it down the drain and had grog (watered down rum). Pete took a sip, gasped, diluted it , drank a little more, diluted it, drank a little more, gave up and had a beer. Amanda took a sip, took another, had a third, diluted it, drank the rest over the rest of the evening and then had a beer. Rich later invented a drink by pouring all kinds of things in the kitchen into a glass. He said it was good and Pete confirmed it, but it’ll never be made again because no-one knows what he actually did.

Amanda was smashed on the way home. In fact, she usually gets up before me, but she’s still in bed. I put on the radio on the way home and she sang along, but I have no idea where she got the words she was singing, because many weren’t to the song on the radio. She also danced in her seat to the point where I thought I might get smacked. All in all, an odd but enjoyable day.

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