Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)

Football Fan and a Geek

Since it appears to be evident that I'm a geek and since you all know I'm a Packers fan. I felt it necessary to post the following:

01000111 01001111 00100000 01010000 01000001 01000011 01001011 00100000 01000111 01001111 00100001

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    I've just started a book called The War and the Bagdad Railway by Morris Jastrow, Jr. It is, of course, about the First World War. One of the…

  • Go Mass Go!

    MA is suing the feds over gay marriage.

  • How did we miss that?

    The 90th anniversary of the first transatlantic zeppelin flight was July 2nd.

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