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Weird Hockey Nickname

Since the Bruins are in the playoffs and I take a commuter train from North Station which is connected to where the Bruins play, I'm more exposed to hockey than I otherwise would be. They're currently playing the Montreal Canadians. No big deal so far, though it is like playing the Boston Americans. However, I kept hearing a nickname for them, and it is even referenced on their jerseys (an H inside a C), the Habs. I had no idea what this was, so I stopped a hockey fan wearing one of these shirts yesterday on the way to the train.

I quickly mentioned that I don't follow hockey so he wouldn't think I was just a Bruins fan harassing him, and asked what it stood for. He stumblingly said it stood for "Habitants" and left it at that. I said "Oh, thanks" and went my way, really no more enlightened than I was before.

Today, I looked it up. Essentially, it seems to mean serfs who don't want to be called serfs. Still a strange name, but at least I know where it comes from!

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