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League of Nations

The League of Nations: 1920-1946.

I was surprised to see it lasted until after the war as its primary mission was to prevent a second World War. Of course, with all the war going on at that time, it had mostly failed from its inception. I recall standing outside the women's room at the Rutger's main library, waiting for a friend, and picking up a volume of the minutes of the League of Nations. I flipped open to a random page and found a letter from Russia begging the League to stop its member Poland from the horrible acts of aggression it was committing. This, of course, was the Russo-Polish War: 1919-1921.

I was also surprised to see it lasted until after the creation of the UN. For some reason, I didn't think the UN has started until around 1953. Apparently talks concerning founding it started in 1943! I'd have thought after the failure of the league, nations wouldn't be so eager to start a new one. Perhaps it was the immediate inclusion of the US and Soviet Union that made this one more patatable, but since the US had said it would be part of the League, before Congress vetoed the idea, I'm not sure why anyone believed us the second time around.

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