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PotUSA Beats the Odds!

I picked up the latest Presidents of the United States of America (PotUSA) album recently. I'd heard one song off of it and really do love their first album. I was trepidacious though as their follow-up albums weren't as good, it had been years since their last album and they'd broken up in the meantime. Despite this, because of the song I'd heard on the radio, I had hopes for this album.
My optimism was rewarded! The album rocks. They've gotten back to the very silly nature and solid sound of their first album. It doesn't sound like they're just trying to capitalize on earlier success, they've put enough good material together over enough time that they've come out with a fine record. They have more variety of sound without losing the PotUSA feel of the songs. The later songs on the album have an almost big band feel to them, or at least a passing similarity to bands like the Squirrel Nut Zippers: a fine, modern Jump band.
Now to see if the new REM album is any good.
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